Appointment Scheduling

Zero Frustration

Now, no more frustration with engaged tones of hospital helplines!

In order to relieve you from the hassles of appointment scheduling, by making it quick, easy and convenient, here is our online platform which gives you an instant appointment confirmation. We are associated with reputed doctors from hospitals and clinics, and they are committed to treat our users without any delays. What more, you are relieved from the search of best doctors in your vicinity, patient reviews in place to help you choose the right doctor and timely reminders of your appointment. Above all, significant discounts in consultation fee.

Online Consultation Anywhere,Anytime

At a click away

Connect with specialized doctors for customized advice and answers on queries you have, all in the comfort of your home. You can either opt for Written Medical Advice, post your queries and get the advice or for 24/7 Live Chat, in which our qualified general practitioners will help you with advice and quick consultations. Simple queries that may not warrant a visit will be answered, enabling you to make more informed medical decisions.

Diagnostic tests without stepping out

Sample Collection @ your home - A Convenient Choice

An accessible solution for senior citizens, people with disabilities, people who prefer the privacy of their home and those who are simply busy at work. We are associated with accredited diagnostic centers whose skilled phlebotomists collect the samples from the very ill, the frail and the young. We ensure effective sample management practices, eliminating any scope for inaccuracy in reports. Once done, you can download the reports online or get them delivered at your doorstep.

Medicines Home Delivery

We don't deliver in days but just in hours.

Your easy and reliable way to get medicines at your doorstep. We are associated with trusted pharmacies which have expertise in dispensing genuine medicines with larger shelf life. You have best discounts on every purchase and thus potential cost savings as compared to purchase at a retail pharmacy. We also offer free home delivery* with Quick Turn around Time. Cash-on-Delivery is an add-on for you.

Preventive Care

Prevention is better than cure - Ah! Old saying but holds true.

Preventing diseases and detecting health issues at an early stage is essential to live a healthy life. Awareness on healthy habits and thereby maintaining good health, acts as an assured defense against most illnesses. Consequently, the costs to be incurred on health care would also reduce. Preventive health care must be planned and executed ahead of time, even before illness starts. To make it happen, we maintain a portal which keeps you up-to-date with health tips and educates you on proper nutrition and exercises. We also cover a set of preventive services like health screenings, basic immunizations and routine physical exams to monitor health and assess future risk of developing conditions.

Emergency Care

Be Prepared

From life’s little mishaps to major medical emergencies, from simple to life threatening health issues, Emergency care is the best guide for you to tackle the situation. In an emergency, your decision might be improper, increasing the chances of life risk. We play an important role in making you take assured decisions by serving as bridge between you and the critical life-saving emergency room services. When you are experiencing a serious health issue, you may have several options. However, knowing which option is appropriate isn't always as obvious as you might think. We provide you all the responsive and compassionate emergency care providers in your vicinity, avoiding the pain to recall on whom to approach in the hour of emergency.