The be-all and end-all for your health exigencies!

eViRis! Just as the name sounds akin to Every’s, we represent a health service firm that strives for every individual’s health. Our belief system begins with the right to equality when it comes to healthcare. We expand into top-notch quality on healthcare facilities. We work tirelessly to create an ecosystem consisting of end-to-end healthcare solutions and quality service under one umbrella. Our insight aims at people being relieved from the irksome medical costs in the healthcare industry, coupled with the quest for their healthier and happier lives fulfilled.

Each and everything in this universe is distinctive. From unique fingerprints to unique strips on tiger, special is everything. When it comes to professional life on Earth, every firm, every company is different in their respective fields. When it comes to our eViRis Health, our exclusive services become our identity!

#Creating Healthy Tomorrows#

Our dedicated team is committed to the advancement of healthcare. We aim to ‘Create healthy tomorrows’ for everyone and every day! We don't settle for anything less than excellence, and thus is our courage to constantly innovate the means of providing better healthcare.

Time and health are two precious assets that are not recognized and appreciated until they have been depleted. We gift you the time and efforts you will have to invest in healthcare needs and safeguard your health by providing quality healthcare services with ease of access.

You can now have a trouble-free and effortless control on your health, while we unwind the access hassles for you. With our services - No more running from one pharmacy to another in need of medicines! No more long waiting queues and discomfort in diagnostic centres! No more challenge of getting qualified and reliable help to take care of a sick family member! We handle all that. We also work towards cost savings for Users in every phase of the medical consultation cycle, which in total, will be a huge rebate in day-to-day spends on healthcare costs.

Life Doesn't Get Better by Chance,
It Gets Better by Change.

Change your thinking, switch to eViRis Health, and thereby change your life to a healthier and happier one!

Sincere Gratitude

I am indebted to my Guruji, the legendary lyricist, Late Shri. SiRiVennela Seetha Rama Sastry garu who motivated me and inspired me render this relentless service by establishing eViRis Health.

Forever thankful to prodigy who supports the silent majority, Mr. Manoj Kaushik (Professor). I always cherish the support this maven has given me.

- Sandeep G.